The new recommendations say that everyone should have a reproductive life plan. What does this really mean? 

A reproductive life plan is a set of personal goals about having (or not having) children. It also states how to achieve those goals. Everyone needs to make a reproductive plan based on personal values and resources.

There are many kinds of reproductive life plans. What’s important is that you think about when and under what conditions you want to become pregnant. Then make sure your actions support these goals. Let your health care provider help you with your goals. 

Because female fertility declines with age, make a reproductive life plan that includes at what age you will have your children.  Be sure to make this decision by the time you turn 30 years old, at the latest.  Remember to include a plan about whether you want to have children if you don’t have a life partner when the time comes.  What would you want to do? Would you want to adopt?  Remain childless?  See a fertility specialist?