I’m a new mother. What can I do for my baby’s oral health?

Below are some things you need to know about your baby's oral health.

  • The same germs that cause tooth decay in your mouth can be passed to your baby if you put your baby’s items, such as toys, spoons, or pacifiers in your mouth.
  • Wiping your baby’s teeth and gums with a soft cloth or a baby’s toothbrush after each nursing and feeding can help remove sugars found in milk that can cause tooth decay.
  • If you bottle-feed your baby, it should end by age one. Never put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. Never place a pacifier covered with honey or sugar in your baby’s mouth when he or she sleeps. Sucking on a bottle when lying down can destroy the baby’s teeth causing years of tooth pain and problems eating.
  • Pediatricians and pediatric dentists suggest that all babies have an oral exam between one and two years old. This is to screen for problems in your child’s mouth. You also can learn how to properly care for your child’s teeth and mouth.