The Best Time For You To Conceive

When trying to conceive, timing is everything and persistance leads to success. The best time in your cycle to have intercourse is before and during ovulation. Start trying to conceive 4 days before your estimated ovulation and have intercourse every other day until and during ovulation. During ovulation give it your best effort. Once you are past ovulation, have sex just for fun.

The reason to have intercourse before ovulation is because it is better for the sperm to be early (before the egg arrives) than late. This is because sperm can live 3 days in the female reproductive tract. If you have intercourse right before ovulation, the sperm will be ready and waiting in the reproductive tract when the egg is released. The sperm will be able to fertilize the egg quickly while it is most receptive. Also, having intercourse before and during ovulation means you do not have to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. This takes some of the pressure off.